HealthSmart – Versatility, Portability, Security


Why is Health Monitoring important?


Our primary goal is to bring out the advantages through the best of the technologies in sporting, healthcare and financial domains into your businesses

There's no doubting the popularity of wearable health technology among consumers.Wearable devices can track nearly everything, from physical activity to sleep and exposure to sunlight and make them a consideration for providers that want to cut down on in-person visits and allow physicians to remotely check in on patients.

Sensors and wearables can be integrated into various accessories such as garments, hats, wrist bands, socks, shoes, eyeglasses and other devices such as wristwatches, headphones and smartphones. Some sensors, mostly medical-grade ones, are used on a stand-alone basis.

Sensors and wearables that monitor physiological data of older people and individuals with chronic conditions can facilitate timely clinical interventions.

Some consumer-focused health and fitness sensors and wearables are widely used by enthusiastic individuals to gather quantified data about their health.

Key Features

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  • Safety Monitoring

    detect falls, epileptic seizures and heart attacks

  • Tele health

    Healthsmart can be tied up for remote health monitoring

  • Fitness Monitor

    fitness factors affecting the health of the wearer

  • Operative in sleep hours

  • Health tips

    expert / personal advice by physicians

  • Profile creation

    health profile creation