Organisational Goals

Our primary goal is to bring out the advantages through the best of the technologies in sporting, healthcare and financial domains into your businesses

The objective is to create ease of access to the solutions to business needs


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  • 1

    Better understanding of the problem and its causes

  • 2

    Collect data and convert it into smarter information

  • 3


    Make better managerial decisions

  • 4


    More control to simplify business goals

how are we different?


Grey Medical Labs, USA

Grey Medical labs is a research institute in the areas of wearable, healthcare technologies. Lydor working with GML in developing the Sports Wearable.

Grey Scientific Labs, 1India

(now on referred as GSL-IND), is a nonprofit organization whose core values revolve around enabling Entrepreneurs with Intellectual Properties. GSL-IND develop Intellectual Properties either by themselves or by collaborating with Universities in India and Abroad. GSL-IND aims at conducting cutting edge research in areas of Healthcare, Air and Marine Instrumentation, Artificial Vision Sciences, Digital Forensics, Socio_ Economic Sciences and Advancements in Automobile.